Summer Preview Fun

May 18, 2016

Tony & Amoni are BACK! We chit chat about the coming Wednesdays at the Plaza concert series, Blues on the Fox, and so much more! Join us! Wooooooo!


It’s Been A While: Elections, Murals and Various Chit Chat

March 10, 2016

On today's "Tony & Amoni Show," we talk about some upcoming events like the Aurora Mural Project and also about the upcoming election and how Amoni doesn't trust the voting system. Anarchy! Enjoy. Xoxo

Opening song: "Friendship Hospital" by Nada Surf, available on their new album You Know Who You Are, available on Barsuk Records.

Closing song by local artist Greg Boerner!

Tony & Amoni January fun!

January 22, 2016

Tony & Amoni talk about their New Year's resolutions, elementary school furniture, death, kazoos, TV and much much more! Tune in! Help!


Tony & Amoni’s Year-End Music Episode

December 18, 2015

Tony & Amoni chat about some of their favorite music from 2015. 

Here is Amoni's best-of 2015, from the Downtown Auroran blog.
And here is a Spotify playlist of some of Tony's faves.
This episode brought to you by Ricola.

Tony & Amoni interview Jake Mack!

November 11, 2015

On this episode of the Tony & Amoni Show, the duo interview one of the nice guys of the Fox Valley music scene, Jake Mack. We talk about him growing up in a music-loving family, writing songs, and he even plays us a tune. Thanks for joining us, Jake!

You can find more info on Jake Mack on his website, listen to clips of his music on his Soundcloud page, or connect with him on Facebook. 

Fermilab 101

November 4, 2015

Tony and Amoni visit Fermilab in Batavia, and chat with Valerie Higgins, lab archivist and historian, and Andre Salles, media and community relations representative, to talk about this landmark scientific hub in the Fox Valley community. We talk about the history of Fermilab, its unique and creative directors through the years, and, of course, what it is they do out there. 

For more information on Fermilab, visit its very comprehensive website
And as always, thanks to Aurora musician Greg Boerner for supplying our ending music. 

A Not Very Special Halloween Spooktacular

October 29, 2015

Boo! Tony and Amoni are back, chit chatting about Halloween, our favorite and least favorite candy, getting older, Phil Collins, and much, much more! Listen up! 

Thanks as always to Greg Boerner for providing us with our exit music! 

Here is a Spotify playlist with some of Tony's favorite spooky tunes!


The Gillerson’s Grubbery Guys Interview

October 13, 2015

For this episode of the Tony & Amoni Show, we interview Matt Gillie and Dan Emerson, co-owners of Gillerson's Grubbery, the newest addition to the Downtown Aurora eatery scene. They talk about their first foray into restaurant ownership, their backgrounds and who the Momma Duke's burger is named after. Enjoy!


Episode 4: Baseball bouillabaisse

October 8, 2015

Tony and Amoni are all over the place in this episode. We had an audio issue that killed half of the podcast. Tony almost went ballistic. But Amoni calmed him down. Cubs, music, art. All on the Tony & Amoni Show!

Here are links to a few things we talked about (or were cut out of show):

Tony & Amoni Interview: Jim Corti

September 21, 2015

Tony & Amoni stopped by the riverfront condo of Jim Corti, Artistic Director for the Paramount Theatre in downtown Aurora! We talked about the recent opening of his production of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Oklahoma!," his background growing up in New Jersey, his connections to Robin Williams, Bob Fosse, Leonard Bernstein and more! Special brief guest appearance by Jim's cat, Shorty.

(Podcast pic by Thomas King)
Here are a few places on the interwebs you should check out related to Mr. Corti:
The reviews are already pouring in for "Oklahoma!" Here's a good one from the Chicago Sun-TImes' Hedy Weiss!
Jim's dad was a Golden Gloves champion boxer in the 1940s! Check out the bio of "Buzz Saw" Corti! 
Wiki page on Lynn Riggs, who wrote the play Green Grow the Lilacs, considered the predecessor to Oklahoma!